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There are many different reasons why you might need a crown or several crowns. A crown is essentially an artificial cap placed over top of a broken, damaged or otherwise visually unappealing tooth.

Sometimes a tooth will suffer a fracture or break that is not directly due to tooth decay. The fracture itself creates a surface that is prone to decay in the future. Some people will choose to have a cosmetic crown, also sometimes referred to as a cap, over a fractured tooth if it affects their smile.

Crowns are also applied to teeth that have several small or a few large fillings. Over time fillings can fail and there simply might not be enough tooth material left for your dentist to reapply a filling. In these cases the remaining enamel is ground down leaving a healthy stub or post shape around the dentin and root of the tooth.
An impression is then taken and the stub is then fitted with a temporary crown. The impression is sent off to a dental laboratory where a permanent crown is then made. Crowns can be made from several materials including porcelain, ceramic and gold.

Your dentist will usually schedule a follow up appointment a few weeks later to fit the final permanent crown in place.

If you have a tooth with fractures, a lost filling or other questions about whether or not you should get a crown, please feel free to call us at 619.591.8945 to schedule an appointment.