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Are you familiar with all the oral health risks in your day-to-day life and are you taking any steps to protect yourself? Although we often think of oral hygiene only in terms of cleaning our teeth via brushing and flossing, it is also important to establish effective lifestyle choices to eliminate the risks of dental damage that can arise.

If you ever find yourself looking for issues that commonly arise with your teeth, inspect aspects of your life to determine if mouth guards are needed. Oftentimes, a person smile will be destroyed in seconds by an oral accident or injury that could have been prevented. If you ever put your teeth at risk due to high-risk activities such as sports, it is important to wear the necessary safety equipment such as mouth guards.

A common tooth hazard that often arises within individuals is due to tongue piercings. Many individuals who have tongue piercings are putting their teeth and gums at risk of several oral ailments. Not only can you suffer immediate nerve damage or burst blood vessels when they are inserted, but they can move around and chip and crack teeth or cause infections to occur. Further risks of mouth jewelry include oral inflammation, choking, and gum tissue lacerations.

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