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Your smile says a lot about who you are and is one of the cornerstones of making a good first impression. There are a lot of things that can reduce the brightness of your smile. Age, tobacco use and staining from certain foods and dark beverages can leave you wanting a brighter, whiter smile.

Tooth polishing during your twice a year regular dental cleaning can help remove some minor surface stains but if you want the kind of bright smile you had in your youth, you might need to turn to teeth whitening products or procedures.

It’s a good idea to talk to your dentist before starting any tooth whitening regimen. We can help you understand the products and procedures available to you to help you choose a course to your goal that is effective as well as safe.

Some people will choose to use a tooth whitening toothpaste to help remove minor surface stains. If you decide to take this route, be sure to look for a brand that has earned the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. This seal insures that the ADA has researched and tested the product for safety and effectiveness.

If you have moderate staining to the teeth you might choose to use whitening strips or a bleaching gel. These products can be used at home. The concentration of these bleaching products is stronger than whitening toothpaste, but not as strong as what is available to you at the dentist.

We offer in-office tooth bleaching procedure that can help remove deeper stains. During this procedure the dentist will apply a protective gel or rubber dam to your gums to protect them. The teeth are then bleached. Sometimes we will also use a laser light to help enhance the process.

If you have questions about teeth whitening products or procedures, please feel free to call us at 619.591.8945 to schedule an appointment.