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Have you ever suffered from an oral emergency before? An oral emergency is a condition in which you have suffered dental damage in some form or another. Oftentimes, it is simply an accident that you may have had very little control over. Even if you are involved in a high-risk activity and suffer dental damage, there may be hope to save your smile even in the most severe of conditions. To protect your smile from oral emergencies, have treatment plans in place should the worst come to pass.

To make sure your teeth are well cared for, it is important to make sure that you’re aware of any oral emergencies that can arise and what you can do to help protect your teeth. If you ever have any objects lodged between your teeth, never try to remove them with any tools that you may have that could potentially damage your mouth further. Often times, individuals try to use sharp objects to dislodge items but end up cutting their gums or scratching their teeth. Instead, try using gentle dental floss to easily pry away the item that may be present. If you need additional help, visit your dentist.

If you ever suffer from an oral accident or an injury in which a tooth is knocked out, you will need to exercise caution by making sure that your mouth is free of any debris, and then collecting the tooth and placing it in a tooth-saving solution. If you place the tooth in a liquid solution, it may be possible to save the tooth and have it reinserted back into its socket later. By visiting your dentist within one hour of losing a tooth, you stand the best chance of having the tooth reinserted and functional once again.

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