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Is your smile ready for the sunny days that lie ahead in what is hopefully your best summer yet? If you want the improve your outlook on the year, you can begin by enhancing and upgrading your smile with improved oral health care treatments.

This summer, protect yourself with these oral health care tips:

– Don’t forget to schedule and attend your bi-annual professional cleanings and oral examinations with your dentist.

– Circumvent any products or medications that cause dry mouth and lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

– Always protect your mouth from bacteria that causes bad breath, by scrubbing your tongue, teeth, and gums and using mouthwash if necessary.

– Use the proper products essential for successful brushing and flossing, and for additional protection, use supplemental cleaning products such as chewing gum and mouthwash after a meal to lower the risk of tooth decay.

– Protect your teeth and gums from physical damage by always wearing fitting safety gear and equipment when playing sports or other high-risk activities.

For an oral health care service at Derek M. Lichter, DDS, Inc. at our dentist office in Chula Vista, California, please book an appointment with Dr. Derek M. Lichter and our team by calling 619.591.8945. We look forward to hosting your smile!