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If you are suffering from any oral ailments associated with for oral health, it’s always a good idea to implement new cleaning routines beyond brushing and flossing to keep your smile safe. One highly effective cleaning utensil that can potentially provide numerous oral health benefits is mouthwash. However, be aware that different mouthwash product produces different results.

If you require a mouthwash product, it is important to understand what its benefits are. As an alternative form of cleaning utensil, they are mainly designed to freshen breath. These types of mouthwash products are known as cosmetic mouthwashes. Cosmetic mouthwashes are designed to mask and conceal bad breath, but they do not limit the bacteria that caused it. If you wish to provide oral health benefits, seek out therapeutic mouthwashes that can eliminate plaque, gingivitis, cavities and bad breath. Furthermore, mouthwash products can sometime and contain ingredients capable of whitening teeth. If a mouthwash product has teeth whitening benefits; it can help remove stains and discolorations and even whiten the color of your teeth.

No matter which therapeutic mouthwash you desire, Dr. Derek M. Lichter and our team at Derek M. Lichter, DDS, Inc. will care for your smile with therapeutic mouthwash. To book an oral exam, routine checkup, or professional cleaning at our dentist office in Chula Vista, California, please contact us at 619.591.8945.