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There are times when a tooth may appear to be too damaged to save. However, even in cases of extreme damage, a dental crown may help you to keep your tooth. Dental crowns completely cover teeth down to the gum line for a solid hold that can provide decades of support. In several cases, dental crowns have even been known to last a lifetime.

Dental crowns can be a highly effective treatment option. They can even provide treatment for teeth that otherwise would continue to suffer dental damage. It may be possible for a crown to bind the pieces pieces of a broken tooth, or protect a weakened tooth. Crowns can hold bridges in place, and have even been customized to fit over implants. They can also be used to protect your teeth after root canals. Crowns can keep your teeth safe, but you will still need to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. Your crown depends on healthy gums to do its job.

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