If your smile has been damaged by decay, trauma, advanced periodontal disease, aging, or other factors, you may be in need of restorative dentistry. Restorative dentistry focuses on repairing and restoring your teeth for a smile that is healthy, functional, and beautiful once again. Dr. Derek M. Lichter is pleased to offer several high-quality restorative treatments at our office, including the following:

Whether you are in need of a repair for a decayed tooth or a replacement for a missing tooth, we are dedicated to returning your smile to optimal health. Our dentist will carefully evaluate your personal dental needs and discuss your treatment options with you to make certain that you receive the treatment that best fits your needs and desires. We offer restorative dentistry in Chula Vista, California, for dental problems like:

  • Tooth decay
  • A broken, cracked, or chipped tooth
  • A very worn tooth
  • An irregularly shaped tooth
  • One or more missing teeth

We work hard to provide you with a restoration that is effective, comfortable, and long lasting. With proper care, your dental restoration can last for several years. We welcome you to call or visit our office today to learn more about restorative dentistry in Chula Vista, California, and to set up your next appointment.