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Severe tooth decay and advanced gum disease can sometimes damage the roots of multiple teeth. Of course your teeth and gums also provide structure for your facial muscles and influence your speech. One of the best ways to restore the full function of your mouth after losing multiple teeth is to be fitted for a custom set of dentures.

Dentures are basically removable sets of teeth, which has been anchored into a material that closely mimics the appearance of gums. Some people might only need dentures in their lower jaw, while others might need both upper and lower dentures.

If you’ve lost multiple teeth or have multiple teeth with extensive decay or compromised roots your dentist might recommend having those teeth extracted before being fitted for a custom set of dentures.

Before the extraction procedure begins the periodontist or oral surgeon will take a series of X-rays. This gives them a clear understanding of your jaw structure as well as the health of any remaining teeth. Even if there some healthy teeth in your mouth they may need to be extracted before you can be fitted for dentures.

Your dentures are custom designed to fit to securely with your gums. Even with this custom fit many people like to use a denture adhesive to secure the piece in their mouth and also help block food particles from getting between the gums and dentures.

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