Why should I visit a dentist for snoring?

Our dentist invites you to contact us soon if you are one of the many adults who suffer from snoring. When you visit us for snoring, we will also check for signs of sleep apnea. Even if we determine that you are not suffering from sleep apnea, however, our team is happy to help with your snoring. Aside from disturbing the sleep of others, snoring can lead to a variety of complications. For example, snoring can lead to depression, cardiac disease, hypertension, headaches, lack of concentration, and fatigue. Furthermore, it is important to review your treatment options early because snoring typically becomes worse with age.

What can we do to stop snoring?

When you fall asleep, your muscles relax—including the muscles in the back of your throat. This leads to your airway becoming blocked and to the muscles in your throat rubbing. The combination of these factors leads to snoring. To help combat this problem, our dentist can create a mouth guard that fits comfortably over your teeth and prevents your muscles from touching or from obstructing your airway. We invite you to contact us today if you would like more information about how Dr. Derek M. Lichter can minimize snoring in Chula Vista, California.