Do you or your child play contact sports? Would you like protection for your or their mouth? Dr. Derek M. Lichter may recommend a mouth guard in Chula Vista, California. When worn during sports, mouth guards protect the mouth and teeth from injury. If you play any of the following sports, our dentist recommends that you wear a custom-fitted mouth guard:

  • Football
  • Field hockey
  • Ice hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Boxing
  • Any other sport that may cause dental injuries

At our dental office, we offer PlaySafe® mouth guards. These laboratory-made mouth guards are recommended for both professional and amateur athletes. PlaySafe offers the highest level of protection during contact sports. Your mouth guard can protect you from dental trauma like a fractured tooth. PlaySafe mouth guards are also prescribed for those who wear braces and other orthodontic appliances. This brand of mouth guards provide optimal fit and are available in six layers of protection. Your PlaySafe mouth guard can be customized with stickers or your team’s logo. There are a variety of colors available to fit your personality.

We welcome you to contact our dental office to learn more about the protection PlaySafe mouth guards can provide and to schedule an appointment.