Our friendly dentist is thrilled to not only help you reach your oral health goals, but to also help your children reach theirs as well!

Our team is here to help your child grow up with a healthy and attractive smile, and in order to do so, we ask that you bring your child into our office by the time they are 1 year old, or 6 months after their first tooth has grown into their mouth. During this visit, our dentist will be able to gently examine your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw to ensure a healthy and successful oral cavity. If it is needed, he will provide a fluoride treatment that will nourish and strengthen your child’s teeth.

This appointment is also beneficial for you as a parent. During your visit, your dentist will happily give you the advice and tips you need to help your child maintain the best oral health possible. Some of these tips include: proper nutrition and diet, developmental milestones, the correct oral hygiene routine, and regular dental checkups.

To take advantage of pediatric dentistry in Chula Vista, California, and to schedule your child’s first visit at the dental practice of Derek M. Lichter, DDS, Inc., give us a call now! We are so excited to meet your child.