Your teeth are very important tools that you need in order to have a strong and healthy oral cavity. In order to protect them, Dr. Derek M. Lichter proudly provides dental sealants at our office.

A dental sealant in Chula Vista, California, is a thin, plastic material that is painted onto the surfaces of your teeth to protect them from bacteria, decay, and infection. A dental sealant is generally used for the back molars, and it is extremely beneficial for children who have poor oral hygiene habits, teens who are vulnerable to decay, and adults who have never suffered from tooth decay or received a dental filling in their back molars. This is a product that feels completely natural and can fall within the crevices and grooves of your teeth.

The process involved in placing the dental sealant only requires a short amount of time and it begins with your dentist deeply cleaning the tooth that is receiving the sealant. When the tooth is clean and dry, he will apply a gentle acid solution onto its surface to slightly roughen it up, which helps the sealant completely bond to the tooth. Your dentist will then rinse and dry your tooth a second time. When your tooth is ready, he will paint the sealant onto the tooth and will harden it with a special dental light.

If you would like to know more about dental sealants, please call our office today!